FIFA 16: Career Mode Preview

myfifa15coins Date: Aug/07/15 11:09:37 Views: 1359

We have entered our FIFA 16 Career Mode play test with some trepidation after a year just gone of little change.


It's clear that the team are back working features solely for FIFA 16's premier offline mode and here's how it's all shaping up. Here are the highlights:


  • New Pre-season Tournaments
  • New Player Training
  • Updated Global Transfer Network
  • New Club Transfer Budgets
  • New Story of the Season



This year's Career Mode offering is perhaps another one or two headline grabbing features away from being truly AAA. That's not to diminish the impact of the new features I've discussed, but had they been backed up by just a few more stellar inclusions like revamped press conferences, the ability to move/upgrade stadiums, or increased transfer depth then it could have been a year to really remember.


It seems the team are back to developing features exclusively for the core Career Mode platform with Pre-season Tournaments and Player Training really strong additions to the existing formula. All things considered I think this year’s Career Mode is something we can all be really positive about and it’s great to know that anything we as a community do suggest from now onwards, will be taken in to serious consideration by the team. It seems that after a turbulent 12 months, Career Mode is back on track.