FIFA Career Mode Hidden Feature

myfifa15coins Date: Feb/12/15 13:58:34 Views: 1435

Ever since the release of fifa 15 this happend to me on every single career mode,Ive been testing it wether it was just pure coincidence or maybe it had something to do with sliders or settings but none of it.


During career mode Ive noticed every season your team goes through a good and bad spell,as far as I know EA has never mention this.


FIFA Career Mode Hidden


When your in a bad spell you do notice it,players are not running in good lines in order to receive a pass,basicly everything is less smooth. During this period you also usually lose points as in getting more draws and losing games.


Eventually when your team is starting to get better and you hit the good spell you will notice the gameplay runs much smoother,players turning less sloppy etc.


Also it seems that it occurs randomly so it could be at the start of the season,mid of even at the end of the season.


In my eyes this is a great thing as this happens in real aswell with every team,I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this?


After doing 10 seasons, this is how it usually goes for me: Start of season - first few games slow, after a couple of games the team is good. Half way point - Slow until the last 3 or 4 games the team comes good again.


The team usually plays good in the first half of the season but when coming up against the same teams for a 2nd game is when it gets harder (especially if you won against them previously). Or if you have a win streak going it gets harder and harder..