FUT 15 Trading Guide #4: Discard Price Method

myfifa15coins Date: Feb/15/15 14:18:22 Views: 1329

Discard Price Method

As you know, all the players cards have a discard price higher than 0 if they are not untradeable. This quick sell value depends only of player's rating, his category, if he is rare or not and if his card is regular or In Form. When you discard a player's card, you receive a small amount of FIFA 15 coins. It is small, but it serves as a standard for the market's minimum prices. For example: the discard price is responsible for rare cards being much more expensive than the other ones, even when it has worse players.


Many people don't know the discard prices and assign prices to their players lower than the prices they could get if they discard them. You just need to find them, with the help of our discard prices table. If you buy a few cards, don't discard them. First, try to sell them for a price slightly higher than the quick sell values. There will be always a buyer.


Most of the time, this method is used with rare gold players or gold IF players. In the first case, everything cheaper than 300 coins is profit. In the second one, 9,150 coins is the limit. There is no risk of having loss with it and that's why this is a good method for who is starting the game.


This method has several variations that are based on the same assumptions. The most popular one was created by our friend Silvio Teixeira. 'Rain of Coins' is used by thousands of players all over the world with great success. It is great for players with low/medium budget that want to avoid risks. Basically, you have to search and buy all the rare gold players with a chemistry style different from basic for 800/900 coins and then sell them for 1300/1500 coins. Obviously you have to give priority to the most popular players, clubs and leagues, most used positions and fastest players. Besides that, the buy and sell prices, should depend what chemistry styles the player has. We will not explain it in depth because there is a guide about it, written by Silvio Teixeira himself.


This method is based on the fact that all rare gold players with a chemistry style are sold when their price is lower than 800 coins. This is because the minimum discard price for a rare gold player is 300. As the cards originally came with basic style, who want to stick another must pay a minimum of 300 coins. The difference for the 800 coins is justified by the fact that many people do not mind paying a little extra to not have to search for the style they want to apply to the player.