Ideas for FIFA 16 Career Mode

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Hey Everyone,


I figured I would share my ideas for the next FIFA game because I'm sure some of you are unhappy about how little progress EA has shown towards career mode. So EA is you're reading please, help a brotha out. I know FIFA 16 is a longggg way off, but EA is developing the game now so I think it would be good to get some of my FIFA ideas out there. This is a fairly long post so stick with me. Thanks guys.


FIFA 16 Career Mode


Basically, I would like to see everything on a point based system. Everything goes off of points that you gain or lose based on your actions as manager. Obviously, you should gain points for winning matches but I want it to be deeper than that. I would love to see you gain/lose point for tactical substitutions, good/bad transfers, good/bad answers that you provide during press conferences before and after matches, and other managing duties like upgrades to your stadium, training ground, youth team/staff, and how you manage your players ex: over playing them/or not playing them enough, and negotiating a contract. So essentially, you will gain or lose points depending on how good of a manager you are.


So next you ask, What do I do with these points? Excellent question. You should be allowed to use these point to buy drills that will temporarily effect your players stats (3 or 4 matches). These drills should range from everything from passing, tackling, shooting, dribbling, to off the ball movement. Also, these categories should have multiple levels that costs more or less depending on how effective you want the drill to be. Maybe a cheap drill will effect stats by increasing 1-2, and an expensive drill should have a significant effect maybe +3-5. For example, if you have a big game coming up and you want to very clinical when you get shooting opportunities. You should go buy the most expensive shooting drill, it will provide maybe a +3-5 in all of your attacking players shooting categories depending on how your player responds to the training.


Secondly, you should have the ability to buy staff for your club in a similar way you currently buy youth scouts and GTN scouts. You should be able to buy an attacking coach, a defending coach, and physical coach. Obviously a good coach should cost more than a poor one.


Finally, at the end of each month players on your team receive boost in overall. The stats that get effected should be based on how you trained them during the course of that month. So say, we had a very attack minded month and focused heavily on finishing, your striker should have benefited the most from that month and therefore had the most growth.


In terms of staff, other staff that I think you should be able to purchase are a Marketing Adviser and Fitness Coach. A marketing Adviser could help build a reputation for your club, and therefore attract more players to your club. A fitness coach should help prevent injuries from occurring to your players, and if they do, help get them back out on the pitch as quick as possible.


The last thing that I would really love to see in FIFA Career Mode is the inclusion of a chemistry system. Each player should have a stat or trait that tells you how they interact with teammates/fans/staff at the club. This will have either a positive or negative effect on the overall chemistry of your team. Chemistry should have an effect on the form of a team. If a team has a bad chemistry rating, then they should be an easier team to beat, compared to a team with a 100 chemistry rating. Players who recently join a club should go through a month or two period where they are adjusting to style of your club, and they should not have great chemistry with the team right away. How quickly they adjust should be effected by the stat/trait that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Chemistry should be effected by your choices as a manager. What you say in a press conference should boost or decline chemistry. If a player is underplayed or underpaid that should effect chemistry.


Anyway, thanks for reading this guys.