Lost Ark: How to use and receipt for Queen's Pendant

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After reaching level 50 in The Lost Ark, you will likely end up in the South Bern continent once the appropriate item level (1340) is reached. You will find certain Lost Ark items on the spot, the usefulness of which you will not immediately understand but which will prove decisive later. The Queen's Pendant is one of them, and we explain how to get it and its usefulness.

Lost Ark: How to use and receipt for Queen



How to get the Queen's Pendant in Lost Ark?

To access the Queen's Pendant, you must first meet particular prerequisites:


  • Be level 50
  • Reach an item level of at least 1340
  • Completed all World Quests from Bern-South


Once you've got all of these prerequisites, go to Bern Castle and meet Eileen, the Queen of the region. She will immediately offer you the quest Summon Eileen, the first of a relatively short series that takes place in the Bern Süd region:


  • Summon Eileen
  • Examine the sacred statue of Canaria.
  • The moon looks up to the sky
  • typhoon eye
  • Sunset


Eventually, after checking Sunset, a new quest will become available from President Alberto to Castle Berne: Completion of the Contract. This is the first quest in a short suite consisting of two investigations:


  • Completion of the contract
  • The sun is rising again


The second is not a big deal. Contract Completion will give you the top rewards you covet, especially the legendary Queen's Pendant. The resulting sequence is not very difficult, and you should complete it fairly quickly.


Here are the total rewards for the entire questline until The Sun Rises Again :


3,430,891x experience


24,324x Expedition XP


300x Providence Stone


10x stone crystal

Destruction (related)


30x stone crystal

Guardian (bound)


2x Solar Blessing (Bound)


1x Sun protection (linked)


1x queen pendant


+1 Charisma


62 300x Money


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What is the Queen of the Lost Ark pendant for?

Concretely and simply put, the Queen's pendant has no actual use. It's purely cosmetic. When you click on it, a whitish and rather imposing aura is created around you, which gives you nothing more than a nice visual effect to show that you have completed the South Bern main storyline.


The Queen's Pendant can be used at will and has a 10-second cooldown: abuse it if you like the effect! It has no other use: not for a later quest, not for Un's investigation, or for any other important element of the game. You can leave it in your inventory or keep it in your reserve if you don't count on using its effect.