Lost Ark: Where to buy flares?

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Lost Ark has been around since the end of 2019 and is still releasing new content quite frequently, but even with all this time, the Lost Ark community in North America is still trying to get their player base to use Signal Flares. Of course, these combat items do nothing in PvP, Abyss Dungeons, or most other materials, but they are great time savers in Guardian raids.

Lost Ark: Where to buy flares?

With that in mind, the purpose of this guide is to make sure everyone knows how easy it is to get these items, where they come from, and how players can create their flares in Lost Ark. Here are all the possible ways to do it. From most to least efficient.



How to get flares in Lost Ark?

There are many different ways players can obtain these combat items, from crafting them themselves to using NPCs to create them or buying them.



Where to get: Chests of Choice

Choice chests are the best and most efficient way to get flares, with crafting coming in second. That's not all, as these chests are constantly given out as daily login rewards, event rewards, etc. Throughout the time the player is leveling up from 1 to 50, they will probably get many of these things of various varieties.

While some might argue that it's much better to save them when players need more HP potion consumables, one chest provides five of these items, one of which is used in each Guardian raid. Considering that players can only receive rewards for two Guardian raids per day, one chest equals two and a half days of flares.



Where to craft: Fortress?

The stronghold is the best way to get flares in Lost Ark, but many players don't want to bother with the stronghold system's mess, and the Market is much more convenient in comparison. To create three flares, players need to obtain twenty natural pearls from the Fishing skill and thirty-five wildflowers from the Gathering skill.

Making one batch of signal flares takes about eight minutes and requires almost zero action energy. Of course, fishing and collecting all these materials can take a while, but life skills are worth leveling up anyway, and in the worst case, players can buy the required materials from the Market.



Crafting Location: Alchemist NPC

The Alchemist NPC found in most major Lost Ark cities like Verne is a minor way for players to craft flares themselves. The Citadel is much more efficient overall, but for those who are lazy or want to ignore the Citadel altogether, this is at least an alternative option.



Where to buy: Market

Like almost all combat items in Lost Ark, flares can be bought on the market for Lost Ark gold and are usually relatively cheap. However, unless gold is inflated a lot, players should never buy flares for more than ten gold apiece. Of course, prices in the market are constantly changing, but Flairs tend to stay cheaper.



Where to buy: Marie's store

Marie's Shop is such a goldmine of valuable items that players who don't visit often miss out. People can get many rapport items, card sets, and combat items at a meager price from Marie's Shop, significantly if the gold market fluctuates. However, for the most part, players can get a big bunch of flares for a relatively reasonable amount of crystals if needed.


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