Madden 18 Patch 1.04 Is Now Available On Console: Addressed Issues

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The patch 1.04 of Madden NFL 18 is now out, the patch brings a lot of amazing content, and it also adds new features to Madden Ultimate Team, players can replay scenes in Longshot, and adds in tournament rules for competitive Madden. Today, let's list related content for this patch, the others content and more the latest guides, reference from here.




Fixed an exploit blitz out of 3-4 under

Addressed animation issue with cut blocks

Improved the MUT chemistry abilities graphics

Tuning to diving catches on competitive game style

Tuning to decrease hit stick and cut stick fumbles globally

Fixed an issue where the QB could not dive while scrambling

Addressed issue of receivers freezing at the line in MUT Squads

Fixed exploit around playmaker mechanic while using Target Passing

Fixed issue with receivers on bubble screen running the incorrect route

Added timing rumble to kick meter when enabling accessibility options

Fixed an issue around the gauntlet in skills trainer stopping at level 39

Tuning to reach tackles attempts by defenders being blocked by receivers

Added the ability to create more complex rules for sets and lineup restrictions

Fixed the issue with players recovering a fumble not being able to be tackled

Addressed an issue around the "Bad Ballhawk" user banner triggering incorrectly

Addressed issue around the Camera being reset after a kicking play in MUT Squads

Fixed issue around fumble recoveries not being tracked correctly in the stats menu

Tuning to improve man coverage defenders getting beat deep by slower receivers

Fixed an issue where the defense could reset the offense's ID Mike via reset play mechanic

Addressed many exploit blitzes that deal with QB Contain players and "locking" the Tackles

Fixed issue where the Gun Monster formation was leading to pancake blocks by the offensive line

Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to call a timeout after the opponent had called a previous timeout

Added penalties to users who use the LB/L1 CPU- defensive assist mechanic on Competitive Game style

Tuning to increase inaccurate throws when using non-QB’s at the QB position

Addressed two exploits around receiver-motions that forced defensive backs out of their coverage assignments

Addressed an issue around Defensive Pass Interference catch animations triggering incorrectly in the Competitive Game style


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