Madden 18's Longshot: This Ending Sees Colt Drafted In The 7th Round

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When players are about to experience the game, presumably, they will be take this game's modes and features into consideration. They always are aware of the importance of game modes. Madden 18 brought a new story mode, in Longshot, players make choices and play mini games that affect Devin Wade's overall rating and where he is taken during the NFL Draft. 


For This New Mode, You Need To Know: 


Wade Goes Undrafted, Colt Gets Drafted But Wade Signs With A Different Team


This ending is similar to the one before it, but instead of joining Colt, you sign with your favorite team. While this does end your journey with your best friend, you'll see that a little friendly competition doesn't hurt anyone. To get this ending, simply do the things from the ending before but just choose differently when Marino calls. 


Devin Goes Undrafted, Colt Gets Drafted And Devin Signs With Colt


This ending sees Colt drafted in the 7th round instead of Devin. While Devin is heartbroken, he does get a call from Marino to either join his favorite team or the team that Colt is drafted by, which happens to be a division rival. This ending shows what happens when Devin chooses to go sign with Colt. To get the full information about this game mode, recommend you to visit here as soon as possible. 


Anyway, the Longshot follows an NFL hopeful and serves as a tutorial for the game itself. The inclusion of a Friday Night Lights-esque setting also helps the mode. It makes the player think about sports stars beyond the image projected. You know, the story is also impactful emotionally and leaves you wanting more. You might be get much obsessed with buying madden mobile coins