Madden 18's Mode: The Longshot Combines The Elements Of Storytelling

myfifa15coins Date: Oct/16/17 16:01:22 Views: 1771

When it comes to Madden 18, players first think of its well-known mode: Longshot. Like most story modes in sport simulation video games, the Longshot combines the elements of storytelling and video gaming. The mode focuses equally on the backstory of the main character and the challenges he is trying to overcome to make it to the NFL.



In this story mode, you can make certain decisions that affect your player's draft grade throughout the whole story — it reminds me of the story mode in Injustice 2 when you have to pick a fighter for a certain level. It's damn near identical. You have a limited amount of time to make each decision, so choose wisely. Having being said, owing to this game mode, more players tend to buy madden nfl 18 coins to enjoy the game. 


The brand new mode is a cleverly disguised tutorial for Madden, and there is no way to ignore that. For someone who is less than confident with the NFL, it teaches fundamental lessons about how the game - both video and real life - works. It also provides a well put together story and, in a genuinely surprising turn, a brilliant representation of grief and what it can do to people - even ultra-talented footballers. 


But, you must be aware of the Longshot's strengths are also its weaknesses. The overall effort and detail that Madden put into the story, plot, and challenges make the game mode inflexible and not as versatile as one would like. The developers are working on addressed issues, the recent patch have already been released, reference to here