Madden NFL 18 & My Three Main Takeaways: New Passing Mechanics

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It's can be said that Madden 18 feels very different from last year. This is a new one: the coaches are on the field. Passing in Madden 18 has long been far too easy, and skilled players can easily rack up extremely high completion percentages. Many players are going to have to relearn how to play Madden 18 once again. In general, they are confused with many questions, today, let's list these questions, more details answers and more guides, click for source



I Don't Know How I Feel About The New Passing Mechanics

Madden 18 brings with it an interesting new passing mechanic reminiscent of the days of NFL fever. 


So Here's How It Works: 

You hold L2/LT and a little indicator pops up near your primary receiver. You move the indicator around and your QB will throw to that target, allowing you to lead them anywhere you want on the field. But here's the catch: your QB can't move while this is happening, so activating it is a massive risk. 


I Didn't Have Much Success Running

First, a caveat on this one: I was playing with the Vikings because I wanted to try out rookie running back Dalvin Cook. The Vikings offensive line is famously terrible. Anyway, I've seen lots of questions about how Madden 18's running game feels this year. My own feeling is that it mostly feels slower, more deliberate. My opinion is that the passing game has changed more than the running game. 


Passing Feels Totally Different

The first thing you'll notice when you start playing is that the players look different. The second thing you'll notice is how ridiculously different it feels. The animations are definitely more fluid and less robotic than before - Madden NFL 18 has always felt a bit stiff - and that has a big impact on how receivers get open and catch the ball. Acceleration also feels dramatically different. 


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