NBA 2K18 Demo Date Is Certain

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The demo date was announced for NBA 2K18, a basketball lover's curiosity. Here are the NBA 2K18 demo history and demon futures platforms.


The first name that comes to mind when it comes to basketball is undoubtedly the NBA 2K series. The NBA Live series, which was once developed by EA Sports, was also extremely successful. But in recent years, 2K Sports has picked up the beard and wiped out EA Sports's NBA Live line from the parquet floor.



The NBA 2K18, the new game of the NBA 2K series, has just recently begun to attract the attention of gamers with officially announced and broadcast screen shots. 2K Sports performed a highly anticipated announcement on the NBA 2K18 demo version.


In a statement made by 2K Sports, the demo version of the NBA 2K18 was announced to continue through the Prelude system, which took place last year.




With this system, you can play your previous collections before drafting by creating your own player. If you buy the full version of the game, your demo data will be transferred to the full version of the game.


The NBA 2K18 demo version was announced on September 8th to be enjoyed by gamers. The demo will be unfortunately only accessible to PS4 and Xbox One users. There is no demo version on other platforms where NBA 2K18 will be released.


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