NBA 2K18 Is The Latest Iteration Of The Popular Sports Series

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With NBA 2K18 now available, in some ways, NBA 2K18 is able to continue raising the bar it already set in its previous installments. Plenty of players fell in love with the series. Since NBA 2K18 is the latest iteration of the popular sports series, and it adds a number of technical and gameply improvements. For more on NBA 2K18, make sure to visit website



In NBA 2K18, there are things like a better movement system that relies less on animation, less exploitable AI, and an online semi open world environment known as The Neighborhood. Many of players one of favorite modes has been its MyCareer, it tries to mix story elements in a less-structured environment, and it winds up falling completely flat. 


The entire premise of MyCareer is built around trying to raise your DJ-turned-baller into a superstar with an in-game rating of 99. That's a tempting proposition at first, as the player winds up progressing at a steady pace early on as they can buy several skills after every game, but after the first couple dozen games they find out that there’s a wall. 


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