NHL 22: The best tips and tricks to help you improve your Franchise Mode advantage

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In NHL 22 games, franchising is a very important game mode in the game. Therefore, to help you get started, take advantage of key features, and improve your methods, we have collected ten tips and tricks for you to use in the NHL 22 franchise model. The franchise model is the best way for you to choose a team, shape its image and bring it to glory, or even wholly re-franchise, or see how the league will shake the draft after fantasy. To help you achieve success and lead your team further, we will share the best tips and tricks in the NHL 22 franchise mode, not only can it help you get enough NHL Coins, but more importantly, it can help you get the most advantage.

NHL 22: The best tips and tricks to help you improve your Franchise Mode advantage



1. NHL 22: How to build the best scout team?

In the franchise model, whether on ice or in trade negotiations, scouting is an essential part of building a long-term, successful and competitive team. For the best results, you need to form the best reconnaissance team by doing the following:


  • Go to the Owner tab and select the operating budget. Here, the Scout Salaries and Scout Travel are pushed to the maximum.
  • Take a pen and paper and write down a list of all scouting destinations (WHL, OHL, QMJHL, SHL, Liiga, Allsvenskan, Western United States, Central United States, Eastern United States, DEL, NLA, Extraliga, Ice, Russia, and other regions of the world).
  • Go to the "Team Management" tab, "Upgrade your team," and select "Assign Scouts."
  • Press L3 on the RE column to sort the scouts by area efficiency and write down all the areas covered by the scouts in the RE column. These areas are at least A-rated.
  • Now you can see where you lack high-quality reconnaissance in this initial setup—next, press Options/Menu to bring up the Hire Scouts page.
  • Press L3 on the OVR column, then work from the top down until you find the scout in the area that needs to be filled, then press R3 to make sure they are at least A in the destination that needs to be a scout.
  • Once you have 20 scouts, you need to fire some. Check if your scout has a current RE lower than A-, just in case they are better anywhere else you need to fill. If not, press Square/X to launch them.
  • If you want to go all out in the draft, in addition to two professional scouts, you also choose to dismiss all professional scouts, leaving the highest possible OVR scouts for NHL scouts and one for AHL scouts.
  • Next, return to the "Hire Boy Scouts" page to fill in the gaps in your list of scouting areas so that you have an A-level scout for each scout destination. Then, buy another copy for WHL, OHL, and QMJHL.
  • Go back to the scout page and press Triangle/Y to send your scout to their best area. It may take a day for them to move-adjusting your scout budget in advance will help these moves.
  • You should end up with two professional scouts, one for each non-CHL destination and two for WHL, OHL, and QMJHL.


You will have an optimized reconnaissance team that can effectively cover all reconnaissance destinations by following the above operations. If you turn off the fog of war option, the effect is best, which will make up for your lack of professional survey using this method.


At the beginning of each season, it is best to check your scout team to see if any scouts can be hired and their overall performance is better than your current batch.



2. NHL 22: How to scout efficiently?

The best way to add value and have more funds is to scout and introduce the most valuable players into the draft every year. Here is how to most effectively conduct reconnaissance:


  • After optimizing the scout (as shown above), press X/A on the scout, and then press X/A again on "Find Potential Clients."
  • First, once the scout arrives at the destination of their choice, set their duration to 5 months, and then press option/menu to confirm.
  • If the scout starts on the first day, please return to the "Assign Scouts" page at the end of February.
  • Choose a scout. This time choose a specific player to scout.
  • Since the draft is at the end of July, you need to pay close attention to the estimated dates displayed under the designated player list on the right, which gives you time to find about 18 players.
  • The first sort by CS ranking (L3), select the top-ranked players, choose potential and comparison, and perform the same operation on each top 12 players.
  • Next, sort by scout level (L3), and then scout the last six players who have not been added to the list of assigned players for potential and comparison. If you have two scouts in the same area, note who you are already scouting so that you don't waste time and maximize your scout coverage.
  • After completing the assignment of scouts, press Menu/Option to confirm and perform the same operation as the next amateur scout in the list.
  • Returning to the scouting screen in mid-May is to double-check the players (R3 to view bio and scouting reports) and provide any delayed missions you want to run.


This method applies to all scouting destinations, allows you to read the draft course well, highlights high-potential picks, and helps you maximize even the final round of choices.


The above is the method of the first season so that you have a broad understanding of the curriculum and potential. As you progress in the franchise model, optimize the way you need to fill in the target location in step 2 by changing the location or game style options.



3. Time your draft signature

Once you have selected potential customers from the Entry Draft, you will have three years to decide whether to sign an entry-level contract with them. If you don't sign them right away, they will still develop by playing with their junior or minor teams even before the second or third season.


Therefore, it's best to wait until your prospect's overall score reaches at least 68 points—unless you are willing to risk getting them into the top six and can force them to have a productive season. In other words, if they are about to enter your third year and have considerable potential, please register and use them to fill your AHL line or as trading chips.



4. Attack free agents immediately

From the first day of the season, even after the free-agent window opens at the end of the campaign, the team manager manages the contract and then selects the free agent. Next, hold RT and choose Affordable to show all players you can add to your route.


Free agency is another way you can add value to your team without losing anything. It's best to check your line for gaps first and make sure that signing will prevent young skaters who want to gain valuable playing time, but you can almost always improve by opening free agents.


The key areas to view on the Free Agents screen are:

  • TI column: The number of teams expressing interest in signing the player may result in payments exceeding their value.
  • Cap Space: In the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • CON column: This shows whether they are restricted free agents (RFAT) and need to provide compensation to the team in draft picks or completely free unrestricted free agents (UFA).
  • POT column: If you are looking for a player whose value will increase, please choose a player with the most potential.


Also, if you are looking for a new goalkeeper, a goalkeeper participating in an AHL game, or as your substitute, make sure to hold L2/LT to change from all skaters to the goalkeeper.



5. Build around your prospects in AHL

After you sign young rookies into your team, you won't always be able to add them to your NHL lineup immediately. To ensure that they have the best opportunity to develop in the AHL, please bring in some strong players around them who have a low overall score. In the same position, your potential customers will lose playing time.


To see how your AHL route works, go to team management, manage roster, edit route, press menu/options, triangle/Y, and select the best course. From here, both sides have opened the way for your top potential customers to get ample playing time and added influential players through trades or free agents next to them.



6. Get the most significant trade value through the picks

Acquiring additional picks a few years in advance can almost guarantee that you have a healthy flow of young talents to join your team or trade more valuable assets. To trade picks, go to team management, upgrade your team, propose trades, add items, and press L2/LT to find choices.


It would help if you always tried to use draft picks to complete the deal, even the fifth, sixth, or seventh-round picks. Your initial quotation should exceed the authority you think other teams will accept; otherwise, other groups will get it directly, and the transaction will be completed without prompting for confirmation or further negotiation.


So, once the transaction looks balanced, add a high and gradually reduce it by one round until they accept it. In this way, you can ensure that you get as much profit as possible from a single transaction—mainly because even a seventh-round pick can spot players with elite potential.



7. Adjust the initial settings for a better beginner experience

If you are not familiar with the franchise model, adjust the settings options before you start to master the basics before expanding to include other factors. We recommend using the settings shown above, where:


  • The cumbersome player morale and fog of war functions have been removed;
  • Maintain a real NHL experience through salary caps and CPU transactions;
  • Help you with owner goals, budgets, production line optimization, and employee management when needed.



8. Use trade bulk information for good transactions

Although you can trade almost any player or asset in NHL 22, if you have salary space and trade value, you can usually get a bigger deal cheaper than their value, especially if you return to meet their team needs.


You can tell whether one of your players is a player that another team needs because they will be displayed in green, and the player they want to trade is in red. As mentioned earlier, you don't have to participate in trade blocks, but they do have a more significant proportion in the negotiation.



9. Appease your host to get cash rewards

If you are playing in owner mode, you will want to make the most of the funds provided by the team owner. Go to the owner, owner negotiation, and owner goals to see what they want you to achieve. You can get considerable rewards throughout the season and then go to the "Marketing and Budget" section of the "Owner" tab.


It's also nice to know that as you approach the new season, some owner goals may change based on your team's capabilities. Therefore, if your initial goal is to reach the Stanley Cup final and then trade your three highest-rated players, the owner goal can be adjusted to reflect the new direction of your team.



10. Know when to rebuild

After editing your lineup and roster, you may have a good understanding of the state of your team, and the owner goal prompt may tell you more. Nonetheless, the best way to see the team's capabilities and value are on the trading screen.


Under "Team Management," "Upgrade Your Team," and "Proposal Deal," choose to add assets from your team and then sort your players by OVR. This shows their match day value, so please check against their age and transaction value.

You will want to rebuild before or just before your star player's value drops significantly, which is usually around 32 or 33 years old. Although their overall score may be okay, their transaction value is beginning to decline, but their salary cap costs are the same.

Therefore, when you find this trend, please commit to a large-scale reconstruction in that season. You still want the best return for the players, but transfer them before they can't win you some good choices and prospects. If you need to make up your salary to be no less than the minimum wage, please provide free agents with some one-year deals.


Finally, I hope these NHL 22 franchise mode tips and tricks will help you master the game mode and build a dynasty for your team.