The Invitations About FIFA 16 Closed-beta Has Been Handed Out

myfifa15coins Date: Jul/31/15 11:34:46 Views: 1178

EA Sports are now sending random invitations to Xbox One and PS4 FIFA 15 players, to allow them to participate in FIFA 16 closed-beta scheduled to kick off on Aug. 13. FIFA 16 Coins buying process will be open soon.

Closed Beta


In addition to the FIFA 16 Beta coming next month, reports of some big name clubs overall stats were leaked-including the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona.


The fans who will be invited, will be randomly selected by EA Sports based on their Origin ID. The only sad thing about the Beta is that fans will only be able to play the mode which they were invited for such as Pro Clubs, Career Mode, and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.


There is rumors about some people receiving invitations for last-gen consoles although there wasn’t any news whether the beta will be featured on Xbox 360 and PS3. The lucky players who will get to try FIFA 16 in this closed-beta will be allocated randomly by EA Sports to a certain mode. You will only be able to play only the mode you were assigned to which are Pro Clubs, Career Mode, and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.


In the Beta you will be able to see the major improvement made by EA Sports.


Things to lookout for: 

Improved graphics

Improved artificial intelligence (in the defense)

No touch dribbling

Better clinical finishing

Dynamic crossing

Passing with purpose


EA stated there will be further updates as we approach August 13.